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L I V E   O N L I N E  C O N F E R E N C E


3rd May, 2020

After several sold out events in Australia, we are bringing these events to the world as a sequentially themed, live and online conference. Join us to explore the extraterrestrial, alien and UFO influences of our past and present - and how our world will shift and change in the future.


Meet The Speakers

Steven and Evan Strong

In consultation with Elders of Australia, Steven and Evan Strong have rediscovered a hidden history: The Out of Australia Theory.

The Strongs' main brief is to prove through scientific fact that which the Elders insist is true.

Steven and Evan have assembled facts about incredible archaeological finds into one coherent theory.

They have spent many years learning, living and/or working with the Bundjalung Language Confederation (Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales), Ramindjeri (South Australia) and Gumilaroi peoples (Northern New South Wales). They operate under the doctrine of Wirritjin (Black Fella, White Fella Dreaming): In remembrance of Karno W…., spokesperson for the Ramindjeri.

They work with a diverse informal network of Independent Researchers, Original Custodians/Elders, Patrons/Supporters and Friends.

Steven and Evan Strong

James Bartley

James Bartley has been researching Alien Abductions and the Military/Aerospace Connection to UFOs and Alien Life Forms for twenty five years. He specializes in research and investigations into Reptilian Aliens and Military Abductions.

James is an emphasis on military history, intelligence / counterintelligence and special operations. James has lectured in San Diego, Las Vegas, Mississippi, Philadelphia, England at the first ever REPCON (Reptilian Conference), Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and numerous other places.

He was formerly a member of the Night Search Paranormal Network (NSPN), has co-facilitated support groups for Alien Abductees and Military Abductees (Milabs.)

James is also host of the popular podcast, The Cosmic Switchboard Show.


Lea Kapiteli

Lea Kapiteli is an author, blogger, artist, psychic and - more importantly - an extraterrestrial contactee.

Lea's interest in the UFO phenomena and all things paranormal sparked when she was contacted by a group of extraterrestrials in 1998.

Since then, Lea has had countless shared experiences with non-human beings and began recording them through drawings, paintings, and stories.

In later years, she began reaching out to other contactees and like-minded individuals, which lead to sharing her experiences with the world through talks and interviews.


Brendan D. Murphy

Only in his mid-thirties, Brendan has been a ferocious servant of truth and freedom for some 17 years already, logging over 15,000 hours of study in spirituality, metaphysics, suppressed history, health, and many other fields.

He has helped thousands of people grow and awaken through his writing, speaking, events, and DNA activation work.

A fiercely independent non-conformist, Brendan is the author of the highly praised "The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality" books (1 and 2), which contain many thousands of hours of research, experience, and high-level insight. 
As an evolutionary facilitator as well, Brendan offers his Evolve Yourself program and community to spiritual seekers, the focal point of which is a unique and potent sound-based DNA activation system. 

Helping people awaken and evolve faster is what he does. Unleashing truth, freedom, and human potential is who he is.


Lionel Lauch

Lionel Lauch is a Gunditjmara Kirrae Wurrung-Bundjalung man. 

Lionel has a passion for expanding and sharing his vast knowledge of cultural practices, stories, production of artifacts and traditional tools, bush foods and medicines, healing, building practices, artworks, music, dance, traditional ceremonies and contemporary engagement programs.

He embraces the opportunity to share his extensive knowledge of the land and Indigenous cultures and traditions with the wider public through guided walks ‘on country’, yidaki healing, meditations, smoking ceremonies, talks and educational programs in agreement with both the Bunurong Land Council and the Boonwurrung Foundation to work on Country which we are based on.

Lionel is also a well-known artist, visually depicting his culture and lore through paintings, murals, carvings and sculpture. His works are made with passion which is evident in the final result of all his work. 

 “I teach people about the importance of the land. The land can live without us, but we can’t live without mother earth”


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